Hatech Solutions provides most comprehensive business and management consultancy services you will certainly find useful. Its global service has been specially designed for whoever in any part of the world desires anything (goods or services) in and from Nigeria and needs an agent to assist. The firm is multi-disciplinary and established since 2005


* Business services we provide include the following
* Feasibility study and report
* Strategic management and development
* Business acquisitions, mergers, etc.
* Receivership and liquidation
* Oversight functions for the board of directors or its CEO
* Recruitment of non executive directors (NED)
* Head hunting for top managers
* Vetting of bank charges


Corporate Development and Administration
We form companies such as registration of business names, companies - limited and unlimited by shares; limited by guarantee; incorporated trusteeship; etc.  We can assist in designing and modeling the management structure of your organization, from board of directors’ level to divisions, departments, and administrative units.

Organizations or companies need the services of a secretary. We can provide all secretarial services your corporate body may require. Organizations or companies have duties and obligations towards the Corporate Affairs Commission, various tax authorities and under numerous laws and regulations. You can avail yourself of our expertise and expertise in this area.

Management Models and Application
An organization big or small has purposes and objectives or should have. We assist organization to produce models that will be most suitable for the achievement of their objectives. Through strategic study, we can evaluate and re-align existing models Often when good models are designed and adopted, correct application of the adopted models is essential too. Our expertise and experience can be utilized

Management Audit
When an organization is performing well, there is always a room for improvement. On the other hand, if it is not doing well and it is not achieving the set objectives, it is improvement it needs too. Both ways, management audit will show the strong areas of an organization that should be strengthened and the weaknesses that should be dealt with in the manner that is considered appropriate.

Management audit is a core function of the Chief Executive Officer of a company or an organization. It is a function that is carried out on routine basis.  It is also a function that should be carried out by expert from outside the organization on periodical basis.


We have developed a number of specialized services for our clients especially for those who are outside Nigeria. These unique services will save for our clients, time and money. It will be so because we will carry out their assignments as if they are there themselves and at a very reasonable cost.

Some of these services are as follows

Rapid Response Service
This service can respond to your inquires on any issue in Nigeria, very fast and possibly within few hours, depending on the nature of an enquiry. Under this are

Confirmation (Confirm the authenticity of information, document, location of an individual, news, ship movement, goods, delivery, etc) Investigation / Monitoring of persons, business, proposals, financial  transactions and other related matters. process / legal service E.t.c

Revenue and debt collection
This service involves collection of current due revenues and accounts that have become old or bad, on behalf of our clients.

Operation of Local Office
We can operate as your local office and handle your instructions. We can also facilitate your having a local office which you or your representative can use whenever you are around  in Nigeria

· We can represent you at meetings, especially as observers at contract bidding processes.
· We can collect and deliver commercial papers on your behalf for better authentication

Trade Marks And Patents
 We monitor on behalf of our clients, trademarks, patents and other valuable intellectual properties in the local market.

We handle issues pertaining to franchise i.e. sales, purchases and administration of   franchise

Market Research And Report
This involves carrying out research activities prior to the introduction of a new product or service.


Cost of service
Our cost of service consists of three components, namely, direct cost, indirect cost and fee. Direct cost is the expenses that will need to be incurred to obtain service from a third party if it is necessary. On the other hand, indirect cost is the expenses incurred to facilitate participation of other relevant persons or purchase items that may be required in the course of executing an assignment. The is the professional charge

Doing Business With Us
You can make inquires or give us your brief . We will respond to your inquiries or briefs as fast as possible. We will give estimated cost also. An assignment is commissioned when you agree to our terms and conditions and make payment as may be applicable

Method of payment
We accept payment into our local bank account for local transactions and designated foreign account for transactions from outside Nigeria. We shall indicate details of an account that can be used for payment at the point an assignment is commissioned and payment is required.