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Designing for the web with Hamed Adeyemi
Your tutor will provides you with an insight into the structure and technology of web design, helping you to create compelling, attractive and functional web pages. This twelve-day course examines the process, tools and techniques used in the production and distribution of websites

Course Details
Making use of industry-standard software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft SharePoint Designer, Joomla, WordPress and Flash, tutor Hamed Adeyemi will guide you through the process of creating web pages and show you just what works in HTML - as well as what doesn't. You'll learn how to accommodate issues such as limited typographic control, confines of screen resolutions and the extremely basic support for page structure. Classes will consist of practical demonstrations and hand-on-workshops, along with the opportunity to develop your own pages. You can expect to cover site architecture and navigation; web page design and layout; web typography and web colour and image format.

What You Need To Bring
This course is thought on a personal computer. It is strongly suggested that participants bring a USB flash memory or similar device for the storage and transportation of individual files. Details of where you intend to host your work (ideally avoiding spaces that support banners and pop-ups) Digital images.

Note: Participant are strongly advised to come with their personal laptop.

Who Should Attend
Graphic designers or anyone who need to understand design online. Familiarity with the internet and Microsoft Windows would be beneficial and a good knowledge of software such as Photoshop and CorelDraw is expected

About The Tutor
Hamed Adeyemi is an IT and Internet Solutions Consultant who teaches on several IT related courses and work with a range of small and medium sized businesses. He has been incorporating multimedia software into his web design for several years

Training Session:
We have schedule our classes’ session to such a convenient i.e. three times per week. Prospective candidate can decide to join any of our MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY CLASSES OR TUESDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY CLASSES RESPECTIVELY FOR A MONTH. Register now to book your space in advance Fee: NGN 15,500